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Ball Joint Replacement

What is a Ball Joint, and how does it function?

Ball joints are an important component of your vehicle’s suspension system whose main function is to connect the steering knuckles and the control arms. A ball joint is typically a flexible ball and socket, which helps the suspension in its movement while at the same time allowing the wheels to steer properly. Different cars and trucks will have many ball joint assemblies, and this can depend on the type of suspension system they are using.  

Like any other component of the suspension or any other in the car, ball joints can eventually face wear and tear that will make them loose. Excessive usage in the joints can adversely affect tire wear and wheel alignment. Loose ball joints are also known to cause suspension noise, generally a loud clunking noise while moving over bumps. If the ball joints stop functioning, the suspension can, too which will cause the driver to lose control on the movement of the car. 

What to Keep in Mind While Inspecting Ball Joints?

The position of the ball joints in your car will depend on the suspension design. They can be found either on the front end or rear. Your car might need a wheel alignment service after the mechanic works on its ball joints. Mobile mechanics cannot align wheels as they lack the machinery to do so. 

What are the Common Symptoms Indicating Malfunctioning Ball Joints?

How Much Can It Cost to Fix Ball Joints?

Please have a look at the detailed cost list on our website to have an idea about the services we provide and their price range.