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Track (tie) rod end replacement


What is tie rod end ?

The tie rod also know as track rod are used in vehicle to turn the wheel left and right when you turn the steering wheel. Cars typically have two tie rod end caps on each side - one inner tie rod end and one outer tie rod end - four total with a set of two per side. The tie rod ends are usually permanently greased and are adjustable and precision is essential for proper front wheel alignment.

What are the symptoms of faulty track rod end?


With a few exceptions, whenever a suspension component is removed and replaced in your car, the vehicle's alignment must be inspected, measured, and adjusted to manufacturer specifications. With portable equipment, some mobile mechanics can perform a mobile alignment at your location. However, the last step is more likely to be visiting a local alignment shop to measure and adjust the vehicle's alignment as needed.

Can i drive with a tie rod end problem?

No. The tie rod ends are an essential mechanical link in the steering system. If there is a known problem, such as wear, looseness or binding, the possibility of a sudden and unpredictable breakage of the tie rod remains, resulting in loss of steering control. Therefore, it is not safe to drive the car. Its in your best interest to find a mechanic and book your car repair soon as possible.


What is a cost of tie rod end replacement?

The cost of replacing a tie rod end depends on the vehicle and area you are living in. Typically it will cost you between £50 to £80 on each wheel. To find out the exact cost of replacing a tie rod end on your car, select your car make and model at the top of the page. You can book a mechanic on-line with smart servicing centre for all your car repair and maintenance needs.


Following are the statistics of Track (tie) rod end replacement on common vehicles in the united kingdom.

Make Model Cost
Mercedes-benz SPRINTER £ 87.98
Ford Fiesta £ 91.49
Volkswagen Polo £ 84.49
Vauxhall Astra £ 91.32